My 1st "Almost" Sponsored Experience

A behind the scene from a newbie perspective

Hi Everyone,

I started this blog a couple months ago back in March 2016. My husband actually set it up for me because he thinks this is a good outlet for me to channel my little escapade on makeup and skincare. He notices that I write a bunch of mini reviews in my instagram and that annoys the heck out of him. Of course at first I was hesitant, I threw in few arguments such as I don’t have time, I’m not a good writer, I don’t want to hoard products and I don’t have the money to keep on buying stuffs to review to attract beauty enthusiast, etc. He wisely then said to me why would I care about everyone else, do it for the sake of fun! Do it because you love it and never think about the money. His advice is clear HAVE FUN and don’t worry about other things. That’s being said, I started posting a couple of things whenever I have time. I am quite happy to see even when I have only 20 people click on my page on daily basis (mind you I check my stats almost everyday, cannot help myself because I like numbers).

Last week, I got a message on my instagram DM. I checked it out, lo and behold a cosmetics company offers me to endorse one of their product. OMG, I was ecstatic! This company is quite well known for providing good quality of products at an affordable price. I’m a newbie with only averagely 20 views per day, of course I felt the urge to immediately jumped in and say yes. I checked their website and it looks legit, I’m like yey! first ever sponsored product. The offer was pretty fair, basically the company offered me to send one free product and I had to submit my review in three different platforms; 1. Female Daily Product Review, 2. Forum Female Daily Makeup Addict and lastly 3. In my Instagram Account. That’s easy peasy! I could do that with my eyes closed. I would not be paid and in-exchanged the company would repost my review. Again, fair enough. I figured that I could get broader exposure considering their account have 13k followers.

As I was about to answer the message to respond to the offer, something struck me. What sort of review they expect from me? Should I inform the reader based on my experience with the product? Or should I just write something in favor to the product so I would get the exposure that I need and it would open up more opportunity for similar offer. I finally wrote back to the company and politely thanked them for contacting me. I appreciated and accepted the offer however I would review it based on my experience and would given a positive as well as negative aspects (if any) and gave them my address for further communication. I wanted to make it clear so they don’t feel like I didn’t do my end of bargain if they saw a negative review. There would be no surprises that gave them a bad taste in their month. I waited for a week, the company never returned my message nor feedback (even polite message thanking for my reply and they’d get back to me a.k.a sorry lady we don’t wanna work with you). I’m a little bit disappointed and made me feel that I wouldn’t be able to grow as a blogger. No one wants to work with me because of my decision. I can’t stop thinking that I made a wrong decision.

Although there was no explicit instruction to give a specific review however it implied what they wanted was a glowing stellar review. A review is where there are two sides of a coin, the good and the bad, these shouldn’t be questioned at all. I took a step back and remembered why I created this blog. Makeup and skin care products can be overwhelming because there are literally thousands of product for different individual. I wanted this blog to help beauty enthusiast to make an informative decision for themselves and to exchange information. I want to inform people how a product perform, why I decide to buy it and what makes it a worth to buy. Like wise, I’m keen to interact and hear other people experiences about a product. So an honest review is a no question ask! Of course because every individual is different there is no guarantee the feeling is mutual towards a particular product but a non-bias review is necessary to lay out everything there is to know about a product. I finally let it go and accepted the fact that the company and I were not on the same page, we both wanted other things and that’s completely O.K. I’m just hoping there is a new opportunity out there for me. Right now, I’m just having fun and exploring this new world called blogging 🙂