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Hi! Thanks for dropping by.

A short introduction and a face behind this blog for you to get to know me.

My name is Vitri and I have a passion for many things in life, so I started this blog to sort of declutter my head from everyday thoughts and rants. There is a bit of everything for everyone, I am a fitness enthusiast who enjoy running, makeup and skincare junkie. This blog is my running diary as well as beauty endeavours. A quick fun facts to sum up what you might find here:

  • What sort of post you will find here?

I will be posting some wisdom and life long experience, rants, fitness but mostly about makeup and skincare. The post will be in Bahasa or English.

  • Running is my passion, will you find post about it?

Absolutely! It will about my personal struggle to wake up in the morning to train and to achieve my personal goal :p and rant about how expensive races are now (here we go)

  • What will I find about makeup and skincare?

Well you will find a lot! I am so passionate about making my face presentable for others! I have such a problematic skin and it’s a never ending quest to find that “holygrail” product to make my skin better and to paint my face. Please keep in mind that most post will be on affordable products – 80%, my personal philosophy why would you break the bank to look great?! Although there’ll be product from the higher end spectrum here and there.

If you have a question, leave it as a comment under any post (doesn’t have to be relevant). I do my best to answer every single comment. I hope you enjoy my blog and find what you are looking for

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I don’t accept sponsored review, sponsored review is where a certain amount of money is offered as compensation in exchange with review or product feature. Product is sent to me as a PR package and I have no obligation to review it, however I would be happy to review your product given the following:

  • I would need time to test the product to experience it first hand and how it work accurately. All opinion will be based on my opinion hence please take it with a grain of salt since I will be judging it based on my personal preference. For skincare product, It will take 2-4 weeks for me to form my opinion.
  • I would disclose if the product is specifically sent to me for review purposes.

I’m currently affliated with Sociolla, all affliate or refferal link will be mark by *. I receive commission for each link clicked and sales made with my affliate code. If you’re not comfortable with that, you can easily do your own personal search to purchase the product.

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